I was in my teens when my parents thought they had better help my hand-eye coordination with tennis lessons at our local neighbourd courts. Every Saturday morning I'd trudge over there, knowing I would barely be able to return a serve, until one miraculous day... I could. The joys of tennis, now as a spectator, include the amazing showcase of human strength, stamina and mental nerve. So with Wimbeldon off and watching the best highlights on TV, it was exciting to see Roger Federer, arguably the greatest tennis champion to walk this earth, finally come out with a shoe that was entirely from his muscle memory.

Having invested in the small, Swiss running shoe company On-Running, it's a smart move to collaborate and put something out there from something he's fully invested in, rather than slap his name on one of the big two athletic shoe competitors. And these "tennis-inspired" shoes are the equivalent of a John Pawson house. Minimalist, with flourishes here and there, from the gold embossed text details, to the "CloudTec® comfort" rubber soles these would look just as good with a summer floral dress as they would running around Wandsworth Common.

Game, set and match. We're in love.

You can buy Roger's new tennis shoes HERE