Inspiration for an outfit can come from anywhere. Whether it’s through your IG feed or the runway, we often look to already composed looks to get us thinking differently about our wardrobe. But as we’ve seen the industry adapt over the last few months, it seems about time to look to new resources for our #outfitinspo.

With a plethora of experiences having been disrupted due to lockdown, our usual bank of inspiration is running low. But, with the ability to enjoy the majority of what London has to offer currently available to us, why not look to your everyday to re-energise your garms? Simple pleasures, like the colours from a curated flower bouquet or the cloud formation of a summer sky, are equally as invigorating as style stimuli, and our curated sets based on what we love about London proves exactly that.

Every Londoner knows that this city is a melting pot of culture, with people from all corners of the world sharing one glorious concrete jungle. With such a diverse range of voices and experiences, London-based artists can be seen as some of the most creative and interesting in the world. Whether it is therapeutic and elegant, or aggressive and visceral, the aesthetic appeal of a particularly well-executed piece – whether that be art, fashion, or both – is undeniable. Be inspired by the pieces we’ve chosen below.

The art scene in London is heavily curated by the alumni that Central Saint Martins churn out, and that is where our first artist, Laetitia Rouget, learnt to experiment with prints, colours and textiles. The playful attitude of her vibrant work is often inspired by the female nude, and her work spans from prints to ceramics. Capture this whimsical feeling in your outfit with this floral co-ord by Richard Quinn, with sapphire hoops from Brinker & Eliza, and tie the look together with these dark-red Manolo Blahnik mules.

South-London born artist Michaela Yearwood-Dan creates dazzling work, influenced by everything from London youth culture to Japanese prints. Often painting lush botanicals, as in this clay pot, the decadence of her work can be captured through a use of colour in your outfit. Start with this vivid playsuit from Paloma Wool, and colour block with this bright cardigan from & Other Stories to incorporate all the base colours. Finally, achieve a sense of opulence with these AREA pumps to tie in all the details, like in the intricacies of Michaela’s work.

Across fashion and art, the term 'minimalism' can be met with either skepticism or adoration. But when looking at how Alexandria Coe's uses lines within her art in the most simple way, there's no debate as to what side we fall. She captures movement in her expressive lines, and the very personal emotions of infatuation, passion and loneliness. Represent the architecture of the human form with this inky dress from ARKET, and add structure to your look with these beige shoes from & Other Stories.

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