Because there’s no place quite like the Great British high street – from its niche independents, to seasonal Pop-Ups and those expansive yet elegant department stores – Because Magazine is on a mission to champion the bricks-and-mortar of London in all its glory. Each week, we’ll beeline to the rails of our favourite retailers to scope out the must-have pieces and in-store exclusives that are more than worth making an effort for. This week, we're at The Maiyet Collective pop up in South Molton Street to find out more about the sustainable brands it hosts.

It's not unusual to spot a luxury boutique in Mayfair; the home of many high-end designer's flagship stores. But you'll be hard done by if you're looking for those sustainable sartorials – until now. 

Since their inception in 2018, the Maiyet Collective have been touring the UK with their pop-up, introducing new customers, and continually pleasing the loyalists, to fashion, beauty and homeware products of an eco-friendly nature. Every four weeks, expect a new selection of brands on offer at the pop-up, as well as diversely curated events; proving this to be a true hub for the environmentally conscious.

We asked the Head of Brand Selection and Curation, Olivia Davies, to give us a tour of the space, and select her three favourites that are currently stocked.

 an Indoi Maggie dress

Because… “Indoi works with master craftsmen to create each unique piece using individual techniques from the Indus Valley in Pakistan. Indoi is an expression of these local artisans, their traditional craft and rich cultural heritage.  Founded by Mallika Chaudhuri, her mixed Iranian and Bangladeshi heritage really shows through her pieces. Everything is made from natural fibres, organic cotton or raw silk, and the pieces are really versatile and timeless; they have a real focus on textiles as well as embroidery. She’s got an extensive fashion background, having worked as one of the head designers at Zara, so she’s got a really good understanding of garments, how they fit, pattern cutting and design. The reason why we love it is because of the fabrics, they are just amazing! They also have really intricate embroidery and interesting shapes. Take this dress, it’s a really cool take on modern femininity; it's big but also feels amazing to wear and that’s why we’re super into it.”

What… a CAES tank top

Because... “This is a brand from the Netherlands and the founder, Helen de Kluiver, has had a long career in design. The brand has been founded on the principles that fashion doesn’t have to be fast or seasonless, so she has a slower approach. Everything they do is timeless, and is designed to be worn for years to come. Key priorities for the brand are having a low carbon footprint, being conscious about where they are producing and material choices. They only use natural materials so everything is organic and they don’t use any real leather. I really like the brand, I think it’s very stylish, has a hint of nostalgia and a very neutral colour palette. There is a lot of simplicity and elegance and it’s got a good dose of cool. I love this tank because it reminds me of the 90s, and I think it’s so versatile, probably because it reminds me of that Kate Moss vibe, which is always relevant.”

What… the Twelve Beauty London Mask

Because… “Twelve Beauty is a Spanish brand founded by Pedro Catalá, an absolute master of his trade. He is a pharmacist, botanist and has a degree in Science and Technology of Cosmetics; he’s the person you can really trust with your skin. Twelve use products that are 100% natural, ethically sourced and are always really gentle on the skin. The brand was created to rebuild the idea of restoring all skin types, using all of Pedro’s knowledge with pharmacology and the scientific backing of that, he blends the botanical side with science. The formulas are designed to protect and restore the skin as it ages, improving its functionality and promoting healthy skin inside out. He uses a base of 12 ingredients in all the products making it gentle but incredibly effective, he says after four weeks you should notice a  visible difference. I know there’s a lot of beauty claims like that but I also know it’s really good stuff. My favourite is the London Mask, which is good for taking pollution and everything that gets in your skin during the day and gently cleaning it. There are no parabens, sulphates, SLS or anything synthetic in any of the products.”

Visit the Maiyet Collective at 17 South Molton Street,
Mayfair, London W1K 5QT.

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