By now it would be expected that we are all well versed in the art of wearing a mask; with almost 6 months worth of practise we should be able to execute it flawlessly, right? Well, we know how to wear a mask properly (over the nose, of course), but remembering it every time we go to the shops seems to be the downfall for many of us. Much like the commonly misplaced eye accessory that can often be found on top of our heads, our face masks are in need of a little somethin' somethin' to ensure they're always close at hand: a mask chain!

While we would recommend keeping your face mask on for the duration of your shopping-spree, there will be moments walking in-between shops where it won't be necessary. And instead of unhygienically throwing  it into your bag, why not proudly hang it around your neck, ready to be worn at any given moment – the 2020 update of a necklace. For some direction as to what chain's are currently en vogue, view our elegantly hung favourites below.

We're all for brightening up a monochrome outfit with these colourful beads from Frame Chain, the oh so playful update to an outfit. Or, opt for another Frame Chain iteration, this thin gold chain link for a slick retro and versatile feel, one that you can wear with ease every day.

Chunky chains are very 80’s, but in the best sort of way; light-weight and eye-catching, you’ll be complimented by everyone that grabs a glance of this Saskia Diez style.

We would never miss out on an opportunity to own a fancy face chain, and you shouldn't either.  Fresh water pearls by Frame Chain (we just can't get enough of the brand!) will bring sophistication and elegance to perfectly accessorise your face mask. Leave your necklaces and earrings at home, this face mask chain will be ideal for that occasion meal you’ve been planning. 

Wave away those day’s when you were bent over digging through your bag outside Sainsbury’s looking for your face mask, now there is a chic, reliable and fool-proof solution, so you can leave the house protected, and in confidence.

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