Fashion for good. Fashion is good. Fashion can make you feel good. All of these are true, especially if you are independent, London based label TOVE, whose vision we've taken a shining to. Co-founders Camille Perry and Holly White's light-as-air, pretty dresses flouncing from sphaghetti straps, was an instant hit with customers and retailers alike, and they've decided to mine their launch collection to offer up to 70% discounts with an archive sale launching today, Thursday 16th April until Sunday, 19th April 2020. 

Launching on, you'll find some of their classic dress shapes and dreamy colour palette, all ready for the summer ahead we all hope to enjoy in the fresh air. Most notable is that a
ll profits will be donated to Women's Aid, a charity that fights against domestic abuse.

"During this time where everyone is at home," Perry and White share, "our thoughts turned to those whose home life is marred by both mental and physical abuse. We had read some heartbreaking stories of women and children in desperate and volatile situations who have been forced to stay home or return to abusive partners due to the impact of the Coronavirus. Domestic violence cases are soaring across the globe and whilst some governments are taking measures, not all are allocating resources as the focus is on medical care. We wanted to be able to contribute and support those who seek help to navigate this time at home, or to leave."