Working from home presents a sartorial predicament. Should we give in to the allure of pyjamas and ‘cheering’ tracksuit bottoms or continue to dress up ‘smartly’ as though we are going to go into the office? It is a strange one. Countless business types espouse the benefits of dressing up in a full suit just to sit at home. This is supposedly to mentally ready yourself for a day at work even though, well, you are not actually at work.

They claim that it is all about preparedness. Really, however, it is arguable that they have internalized all the worst bits of late capitalism, had it dry cleaned and are wearing it in their own bedroom. Frankly it is too much. And here at Because we are all about balance. That is why we believe that when Working From Home (WFH) the answer lies in Top Half Only Dressing (THOD).

THOD is about crafting a put-together upper half that belies your casual lower half, giving the impression of ‘business as usual’ whilst allowing you to revel in the comfort your own home provides. Really it is an illusion, a visual trick that has developed out of our new reliance on telecommunication software.  And here’s how some of the team at Because have done it.

Caroline Issa, Editor-In-Chief
My Top Half outfit is bright and camera-ready with a peach AWAKE blouse and its large buttons. I"ll put more effort into my ponytail with this Prada barrette, and will add a final flourish with a pink neck scarf because working from home is no excuse to not put in a bit of effort. Then again, let's see how long that lasts!

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor
To avoid falling into the slump of dressing like we won't be leaving the house (despite the fact we won't be), I've tried to make my WFH looks, minimal but with a touch of glam. This theme is perfectly encapsulated within this Christopher Kane t-shirt, as the feather trim on the sleeves adds an eccentric twist to a normal black tee. Accessories are key to tie it all together, and the pearls in this Erdem choker compliment this Flapper silk-satin headband so naturally it was if they were designed with this look in mind. Remember, dress to feel good about yourself even when you have no one to see!

Leonie Hutch, Writer
I am a deeply superstitious person, so my outfit is taking no chances. The silver goblin on this charm necklace by Georgia Kenball is supposedly a “symbol of protection against malevolent spirits”. And as well making great little headscarves, handkerchiefs are also good for emergency surface wipe downs. This pink printed cotton one by Massimo Alba is particularly pretty. Also this ladder-stitch linen blouse from Isabel Marant Étoile’s Resort 20 collection is just lovely, so that is why I have chosen it (and a white blouse always looks professional).

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