Despite the current inclination towards louder than life outfits – read: just below the butt hemlines, crayon colour palettes and anything that sparkles – there is always room for the humble yet reliable sartorial basic. While some may say it's an unimaginative look, normcore became high fashion well before we were uttering the words lockdown and pandemic on the daily, and its appeal hasn't wavered. A year at home showed how desirable comfy clothes can be, and now with brands being microscopically analysed for their sustainable credentials, how to combine responsibly made clothes with comfort is nirvana.  

But finding those key pieces is by no means an easy task. Oh no, whilst on face value it may seem simple, three critical factors come into play. One: it needs to be a timeless design – it can't be a foundational piece if it's not en vogue next season. Two: the fit must be perfect – you won't want to wear it if it doesn't look flattering on. And three: it must be made to last – well, that's pretty obvious why. A brand that does all three? Welcome to the soapbox Asket; a menswear label now dipping their toes into womenswear with three essential pieces.  

Having launched in 2015, Asket have built their brand off the ethos of making clothes that will last: standing the test of time in build as well as being a timeless fashion piece. After six years of perfecting their menswear – which now consists of everything you would need for a capsule wardrobe – they're utilising their expertise and designing pieces that complement the female form. Two years of research, sourcing, custom development, trials of dozens of fabrics and hundreds of fittings on all types of bodies have led to the creation of just three garments: a white t-shirt, a shirt and a pair of jeans. 

As is ever their quest to make clothes that will live in your wardrobe forever, the brand have launched only these three pieces as an initial release, in a bid to understand what their consumer does and doesn't like.  It means they are conscious not to overproduce new things, attempting more considered manufacturing that's a lot less wasteful – yay! This, alongside their completely transparent approach to fashion – which includes clothing labels that break down every garment into its raw components to show their origin and a self-made impact report that truthfully explains the environmental cost of each of the pieces – puts them at the forefront of the now grey-area of "sustainable brands" in terms of environmental responsibility and transparency. 

So with their current offering of perfected garments, which will have a home in even the most avant guard of maximalist dressers (because even they need a good basic!), what's not to love? 

Shop the new womenswear collection by Asket here.

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