Paco Rabanne and Selfridges have got a LOT going on.

This month sees the launch of several Paco Rabanne spaces across all the different Selfridges stores, through the lens of the French-Hungarian artist and leader of the Influential Op Art movement, Victor Vasarely. Julien Dossena, creative director of Paco Rabanne since 2013, extensively used the graphic prints across the SS22 collection which will start dropping into stores this month, for sale and to rent.

Paco Rabanne himself, a brand founded in 1966, was the original grandfather of futurism in fashion. Metallic chain mail that ondulated with the swinging of the 60s was his bag, and Dossena has taken his icons and made them softer, sensual and realistic for today.

conic archive pieces will be shown in-store alongside the release of 12 Paco Rabanne 'unwearable' NFT in editions of 56. We're still not exactly sure what that means, but we'll update if we ever do make sense of it!

"Universe" will exhibit Vasarely's "social art" inside the Selfridges London store and in their windows. Original and NFT art will be available to view and purchase for the first time at Selfridges. It's a Hexagone world, and we just happen to live in it.