Previously joining forces with the fashion brand Khaite, glass artist Helle Mardahl and retailer Matches, collaboration from broader artistic realms is nothing new for Danish jewellery brand Elhanati – the brand that specializes in handcrafted wearable forms that both intrigue and excite.

For its most recent collaboration, the brand has teamed up with Argentinian artist and sculptor, Conie Vallese for a new collection that looks both forward and back, referencing the past but made for the future.

We caught up with the founder Orit Elhanati to find out more…

Tell us about the inspiration behind the 'Jardin' collection and how the collaboration between you and Conie Vallese came about.
We met through mutual friends many years ago and have always wanted to do something together. With Jardin it just made sense. We were both motivated by the idea of giving historical opulence a contemporary twist, aiming to create jewellery that has a timeless appeal, while embracing the current mood for wearable art pieces.

We wanted to create an experience for the wearer that combines the grace of the past with the vibrancy of the present, allowing them to adorn themselves with pieces that evoke a sense of both classic sophistication and modern flair.

The collection blends Gothic and Victorian aesthetics with nostalgic elements from the 90s. How did you and Conie manage to seamlessly merge these distinct styles into wearable art pieces?
Fusing these divergent styles required an intricate balancing act. We integrated the designs and ornate detailing from the Victorian era with the sleek, minimalistic elements characteristic of the '90s, ensuring that each piece not only reflects the wearer's personal style but also serves as a distinctive statement. By marrying luxury with versatility, we wanted to create pieces that effortlessly complement everyday attire, encouraging wearers to express their individuality with a touch of this timeless type of elegance.

The collection draws inspiration from old paintings, museum artefacts, and ancient books. How did you translate this vintage charm into each piece, and can you share some specific sources of inspiration?
The inspiration for the Jardin collection stemmed from a rich tapestry of vintage sources, including classical paintings, artefacts from esteemed museum collections, and aged literary works. We worked delicate floral motifs and intricate details into each piece, drawing on the rich symbolism and narratives woven into history. By adding a sense of history and artistry to the jewellery, we not only wanted to create accessories but wearable testaments to the enduring beauty of bygone eras.

Could you describe the artisanal processes involved in creating these jewellery pieces?
Crafting each piece was a deeply intimate process based on a profound appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. From the initial conceptualization to the final detailing, we had an organic approach to the design process, as I never really sketch or draw. Silver was our canvas and we used a lot of melting techniques to create these special textures and sculptural visuals.

The collection is said to embrace “the force of nature”, through the symbolism of flowers. How did you infuse these elements into the jewellery, and what does it symbolise for the wearers?
Jardin is a celebration of the resilience and perennial growth found in the natural world, particularly symbolized through the intricate beauty of flowers. Our aim was to capture the essence of life's continuous renewal, infusing each piece with a narrative that speaks to the wearers on a deeply personal level. By incorporating the delicate yet enduring symbolism of flowers, we wanted to remind wearers of the beauty that can blossom in unexpected places.

Can you share some insights into how this collaboration has inspired new creative journeys for both of you?
It inspired us to delve into uncharted territories and reimagine the possibilities of artistic expression. Our shared passion for breaking norms and transcending creative boundaries was invigorated, fostering an environment of mutual inspiration and innovation.

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