Often dubbed the "lazy girls’" answer to classic cream and liquid cleansers, bog standard face wipes – pun intended – comprised of non-degradable elements like polyester, polypropylene and rayon fibres, are capable of clogging far more than your pores...

An industry that’s predicted to reach a worth of nearly $4 billion by 2021 according to Water UK, the environmental impact of these daily amenities cannot be ignored. Last year, Thames21 reported that nearly 120,000 non-biodegradable wipes were recovered from just a small stretch of the Hammersmith Bridge riverbank during the first half of 2018... Yikes!

But, help is at hand (quite literally): Bio-degradable, eco-friendly alternatives are reversing the reputation of traditional face wipes, re-angling them as a viable and sustainable way to cleanse on a daily basis, guilt-free! These innovative options are not only packed with the goodness that our skin craves, but they'll decompose naturally to eventually become a nutritive part of the soil.

Hot favourites of ours at Because HQ arrive in the form of Eyeko’s Mascara Off Eye Make-Up Remover Wipes, which remove all signs of makeup via a host of botanicals, including olive oil, grapefruit and aloe extracts; RMS Beauty’s The Ultimate Make Up Remover Wipes, which boast anti-fungal and antibacterial properties with a lauric acid and pure coconut oil infusion; plus, Decorté’s Clean and Pure Refining Cleansing Cloths, which are packed with purifying actives and exfoliating properties to remove makeup and impurities, and leave a squeaky clean complexion in their wake!

So, think twice before reaching for a non-degradable face wipe at 3am (yep, we've all been there) – and look, instead, to wipe the slate clean with a sustainable option for 2019.

Take a stand against non-degradable products, and convert to biodegradable options, here:


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