We need life in technicolour right now. The grey skies have turned greyer, and we are turning to colour to lift us up.
Because's Contributing Beauty Editor, Rachel Singer Clark, she of the adventurous spirit, took the time to show us colour extremes to get us in the mood. Shot on Lois Freeman, Rachel and Photographer, Simon McGuigan went all out with the joy normally found during Holi to express their love of colour.

"Fashion is meant to be playful and approached with an open mind, curiosity and preparation for growth," Rachel tells us. "We used big brush strokes and blow patterns to create the colour impact in this shoot.  Colours always are associated with mood.  Imagine a time in the future when we paint ourselves in the colour we feel on that day: Pink or yellow for happy and upbeat, blue for a day when we aren’t feeling so positive - wouldn’t it be interesting to see from the moment of leaving home that our mood could be would be seen by all, in the barest of ways?"

"When attempting to use colour in make up, adding a lip colour, a bold neon eyeliner, or a touch of highlight doesn’t always cut the mustard when you want major impact.  With big, brighter colours, larger than life is the way to go, and go full-on with major pigment. Make that bigger pop of colour, and you'll no doubt stand out as an adventurer."

Photographer: Simon McGuigan 
Stylist: Alex Winston
Make-Up Artist: Rachel Singer Clark 
Hair Stylist: Thassio Leal
Model: Lois Freeman @ Next Model Management

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