Wanderlust, along with anxiety, uncertainty and claustrophobia, is in the top tier of lockdown emotions. The denial of travel only means that we desire it more, even if it’s to go anywhere that isn’t our local supermarket or our daily-walk route. But while we can’t move far from the vicinity of our homes, we're in our means to let our imagination stroll, and this week it's moved across literature borders into the heart of Saint Tropez.

St. Tropez Soleil is the newest addition to our Book Club series, and its release couldn’t be more timely for our physically confined bodies. Written by French writer and journalist, Simon Liberati, the hardback looks into the magic that eludes from this French Riveria town. Karl Lagerfeld once asked Jean-Roch, "You were never told that Saint-Tropez is paradise?”. And Lagerfeld’s proof is in the picturesque photography featured in this coffee table tome.

If you didn’t know, St. Tropez has been the hub for artist, writers and celebrities for decades; the Mediterranean sun and its idyllic beaches make a favoured getaway for the elite. Delving into the town’s past and its (momentally paused) present, Liberati reflects on the iconic events – a Chanel fashion show at the quintessentially Tropezian Sénéquier café, for example – and annual festivals that the town is renowned for.

While most readers will be perusing through this text with grey skies looming, rest assured, St. Tropez Soleil will give you the dose of sunshine your skin (and mind) is currently craving.  

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