Unpopular opinion: I prefer regular chemical based deodorant over a natural one. I am not a climate change skeptic, I am conscious of my single use packaging intake and I would usually always opt for the more natural alternative. But despite past research and recommendations, I still haven’t found one earth-friendly alternative that works for me (but still very much open for suggestions). I have the same sort of cynicism with biodegradable detergent: excited about using a more sustainable solution, but will it actually leave my clothes clean and smelling fresh? In my consistently glamorous pursuit of reviewing, I decided it was time to put it to the test.

Swedish supernova, & Other Stories have recently released a biodegradable detergent and fabric spray – the latter’s invention is further enforcing my belief that my clothes won’t smell clean, as a pessimist would think – and with promises that it “softens, protects and strengthens natural fabrics”, I couldn’t resist giving it a whirl. Part of their ‘With Care’ range, this makes a new chapter for the brand, explains Sara Jivenius, their Sustainability Manager. “We gathered our expertise within fashion, beauty and sustainability, taking the best of all these worlds and translating that into two laundry products. It's all you need to care for your wardrobe treasures, making them last longer while being kind to Mother Earth.” And with the continuous effects that washing our clothes have to our planet; the increasing carbon footprint caused by hot water washes, toxic chemicals that are filtering into our oceans, oh and the acrylic microfibres that are ingested by fish, it’s heartening to hear a brand acting sustainably, in more ways than just packaging and fabrics.

It’s an oat-based formula, but the scent imply to those nearby that you’re the modern day Goldilocks: so engrossed with porridge that you have to smell like it too. It’s incredibly subtle and after a fews wears, almost undetectable, which I don’t mind as it wasn’t replaced with a more sinister smell further along the week. It’s cleansing and conditioning qualities meant that my clothes were also softer when compared to a powder detergent only wash, and while I wasn’t wowed by the detergent – granted, even two months locked down at home couldn’t make someone wow at a detergent  – I definitely would continue using for being equally as good as my regular powder, but friendlier to the environment.

But the pièce de résistance for me was the fabric spray. I wouldn’t have expected something so simple, so menial, to have had such a lasting effect on me. I accidentally spilled a couple of drops of red wine on a beloved Ganni dress (BTW it’s currently on sale here) that I had just washed the day before. As I already harm the planet enough by not using a more sustainable deodorant choice, I was reluctant to put another wash on for such a trivial mistake, so I quickly rushed to the sink and without thought, picked up the spray on the way. A few spritz and a quick splash of water; bang and the dirt was gone! I’ve used this spray to refresh coats and shoes I can’t machine-wash, and I can noticeably smell the difference. Despite being incredibly similar, if not the same formula as the detergent, I’ve found the scent of this to have lingered around longer than any new hobbies I’ve started during lockdown, and I’m excited by the prospect of having clothes that smell like they’ve just been washed, without the washing. Now permanently placed with my other cleaning products, I’ve been convinced the biologically-friendly option is better after all.

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