When a festivity comes around, it makes a timely occasion to reflect on one's current stance within their life. With Easter around the corner, and as the most of us are separated from our loved ones, it's to be expected to have a few more negative thoughts entering out headspaces during this holiday. With this in mind, the Because team have taken this opportunity to reflect on the positive moments we've experienced during our time in lockdown, to remind all that even in the most unimaginable situations, there's often a silver lining.

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor
I'm incredibly lucky to be able to say that my lockdown experience has generally been a positive one. Living with two of my best friends and my partner has certainly eased the process – sadly my boyfriend's inability to wash up properly, has not – and our little balcony has been our refuge from the uncertainties of this virus. Strangely, this has led to me acquiring (along with a bit of a tan) some friendly acquaintances. Our daily sittings on the balcony has invited our neighbours to shout up and introduce themselves, and subsequently, we've been invited, and accepted, to join our street Whatsapp group. During these apprehensive times, knowing that we've managed to build a little community of neighbourly dogooders has kept my positive spirit alive. We're also now partaking in a street pub quiz this weekend – name a better way to spend a night on lockdown?!

Delia Wagner, Publishing Assistant
To me, quarantine has yielded one very unexpected joy: that none of this is joyful, it isn't for any of us, and we are all in this together. I expected this period to feel lonely, being forced to cut out all social interactions, having holidays and date nights cancelled- yet somehow because we are all going through the same thing, the loneliness vanishes. If anything, stripping down the relationships I have in my life to the essence of just talking to each other has brought out some beautiful and raw conversations.

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-Ordinator
Living in a house with 3 other professionals, we'd often go the week without seeing each other except for the occasional run-in at the front door or shimmying out of the way as we try to cook at the same time. But since staying at home, we've gotten to learn more about each other and it's been an unexpected but completely welcomed side-effect of social distancing, albeit ironic. Being in the same boat, we help to keep each other's spirits up. The days have consisted of shared dinners, sunbathing in the garden/pretending we're on a beach and every night is game night! 

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