If you’re among the unfortunate few who know me but at all, by now you’ll be all too aware of my unrequited love (N.B. unhealthy obsession) with lobe baubles, both great and small… And yet, even a die-hard danglies dork like me will concede that not all earrings are equal.

For me, the couplets with clout are the pairs that make their presence felt in your daily lewk; subtle or statement, they’re twosomes that trigger conversation, transcending the world of inanimate accessory to become the main event in your sartorial jamboree. 

Abigail wears black crystal teardrop earrings by Miu Miu; Normandy ruffle-trimmed blouse by Magda Butrym.

I’ve recently taken towards channelling Alexis Colby with my earring choices, via Dynasty-worthy chandeliers that reflect the light almost as well as they do the 1980s moment that fashion is having right now – and I’m not the only one. Noir notes at Miu Miu, radiant ruby reds via Simone Rocha, crystal-upon-crystal care of Isabel Marant, a glittering school of Saint Laurent fish, and shimmering glimmering sensations at Tom Ford… I would go on, but for the fear of talking your ears off (and you’ll need them for this trend)!

Abigail wears red crystal earrings by Simone Rocha; Normandy ruffle-trimmed blouse by Magda Butrym.

There’s something ludicrously decadent and yet entirely wearable about these FW18 runway staples; they're the kind of things that would suit a red carpet just as much as they would a quick dash to the local 'offie' for tea bags and a pot noodle. Off-duty jeans love the juxtaposition of a theatrical decoration up top, and nothing makes a lass feel 'finished' on a post-Merlot-marathon Monday like a majestic accessory that will draw those knowing office glares away from your eye bags. (Take it from one who knows.)

Abigail wears Smoking Fish crystal earrings by Saint Laurent; Normandy ruffle-trimmed blouse by Magda Butrym.

In short, any conversation about ear bling this season will end in one conclusion alone: Bolder is, very definitely, better.

It's crystal clear (geddit?!)... Shop even more chandeli-earrings here:

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