How does a hand-made, entirely produced in Naples and headquartered in Rome brand like Giuliva Heritage end up partnering with a fast-fashion behemoth like H&M?! We're not sure, but we'd love to be the fly in that room to overhear how they were approached, and ultimately why they agreed to  partner with the Swiss giant.

What we do know is that the collection that has come out as a result is a beautiful tribute to the real-deal. The Giuliva Heritage x H&M collection has in fact been made in organic and recycled materials (perfect for Sustainable September) and stays true to its sharp tailoring but traditional features, such as button-down trouser closures and pleats. 

As big fans of their tailoring, and the couple themselves, we're really happy to see H&M partner with a brand that stays true to its roots, and has pushed for a sustainable collection of collectibles sourced responsibly. 

This is future vintage and here's hoping it sells out!

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