What do Gigi Hadid, Zendaya and Lewis Hamilton have in common? They've all worked with Tommy Hilfiger as guest designers for their TommyNow collection, which saw fashion shows take place all over the world in a See-Now-Buy-Now occasion that made "experience" for the public paramount, and put it at the centre of the rarified fashion show schedule. . A few years on and with a pandemic sadly bringing a definitive halt to most catwalk extravaganzas, Tommy Hilfiger's latest guest designer, non-binary activist and Pose star Indya Moore, debuts their collaborative capsule in a way that stays true to their roots: by championing their community

Launching today, Indya's collection looked to the Tommy Hilfiger archives as inspiration, and then reworked the styles so that the pieces would respect multiple gender expressions. A pin-stripe blazer, polo top and Oxford button down shirt are just a few of the resulting pieces, all of which make a great update on WFH-wear, come in a range of sizes and are all non-gendered. Fans of Indya will notice how they've managed to add a personal touch; a lotus graphic runs throughout symbolising rebirth, growth and self-actualisation. Even their initials are emblazoned in a collegiate font and their hometown of the Bronx, New York can be found spelled across the chest. Whatever you identify, it's guaranteed that you'll find something you feel comfortable to wear in this collection.

Continuing Indya's desire to give visibility to those who haven't had been given a platform enough, the campaign features five groundbreaking activists, as well as Indya themself. Whether it be through multimedia artist Chella – a deaf, transgender man of Chinese and Jewish heritage and author of Continuum – or intersex advocate and co-founder of the Intersex Justice Project Pidgeon, who was honoured as an LGBTQIA+ Champion of Change by the Obama White House, anyone will find something relatable to Indya's chosen cast. The entire collaboration proves how fashion can be a platform for full representation – donations from Tommy Hilfiger were made to Rainbow Railroad, a non-profit that helps persecuted LGBTQI+ individuals around the world to find safety; Reuniting of African Descants (ROAD), a Black trans-led grassroots project invested in advancing the social and economic well-being of African Descendants, with an urgent focus on the LGBTQI+ community; and the Global Coalition who focuses on accelerating marine restoration with local island communities by combining the power of art and science.

Expect to inhabit Indya's effervescent cool in this collection while your consumer power and support will show that these social change initiatives are where we want to put our money. Whatever the case may be - looking great or feeling good - it's win win. 

Shop the Indya Moore x Tommy Hilfiger capsule here.

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