It may only have five short years behind it, but & Other Stories has already left its mark on wardrobes worldwide – and, last year, it stepped into the world of beauty too with a paraben and cruelty-free makeup range. Maintaining that momentum, the high-end high street behemoth is now ringing in its hotly-anticipated haircare line, designed to tackle tresses of every texture.

Created in its Californian HQ with celebrity hair guru Kylee Heath, the collection takes inspiration from an LA state of mind with its three ranges – ‘Restore’, ‘Universal’ and ‘Fullness’ – targeting restoration, styling and protecting, and all-important zhooshing. 

To celebrate the launch, we asked Kylee to do the impossible and single out one hero product from every range – and dish the dirt on just how to use them. Over to the expert...

Restore Scalp Scrub 
"This is such an essential product for maintaining a healthy haircare routine, especially if you use a lot of styling products. Weekly scalp exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation, and removes product build-up at the roots. Immediately after using, the scalp feels soothed, and its balance is restored. I’ll start with dripping wet hair, scoop out a tablespoon-sized amount of the scrub, and then spread it over the palms of my hands; I massage it into the scalp, focusing on the frontal areas, then I’ll take another tablespoon-sized scoop and work it into the back area of the scalp. I continue by massaging the product throughout the lengths and towards the ends, finishing by rinsing thoroughly with warm water."

Universal Beach Spray
"Since I always prep hair before styling it, this has become my constant companion. It’s such an essential step towards long-lasting and healthy-looking results. I apply it on damp hair at the roots to add volume and tame flyaways. Because the product contains heat protectant, I also make sure to apply it throughout the lengths and ends; it helps to minimise damage during heat styling and adds shine... Perfect for beachy waves!"

Fullness Thickening Cream 
"This smells delicious and works just like it sounds! I use it before a blowout to add extra body to the hair; for the & Other Stories campaign images, I used it to create a voluminous side-parted style, using the cream on damp hair and then blow-drying while using a round brush. Within the same range, the Fullness Texturizing Spray is another gem. It gives the hair a lived-in look and makes it feel fuller."

Are you in London today? To celebrate the launch, & Other Stories will be providing haircare services to customers in its Regent Street flagship store.

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