We exfoliate our skin, nourish it with masks and lather it in oils – but what about our lips? The one organ that is in constant use sometimes gets the least attention when it comes to maintenance. It's only when lips become chapped, dry and flaky that we sit and take notice that we had better get better at giving them some love.

Enter makeup artist Zoe Taylor and her three piece “Little Lip Kit” – a scrub, balm and an oil in a portable kit size. Her signature black-khol rimmed eyes spawn many an Instagram feed, and her beauty looks have been worn by Maisie Williams, Laura Bailey, Alexa Chung and many other actresses wanting some of Zoe's magic.

Why lips? Zoe tells us, "the skin on your face is around 16 layers but the skin on your lips is only 3-5. This fragile skin really does need looking after. Encouraging blood flow to the area through massage can help with the appearance of fine lines around the lips and encourage natural plumpness. Lips need to be taken care of in the same way as the rest of the skin on your face." She bet that many women had loads of skincare products, but very little focused on the lips, so she developed three key products as a solution. 

The Little Lip Scrub smells of brown sugar, while its mix of cranberry and baobab seed oil leave your lips supple and clean, even after a full red-lip-night-out.

Lip oils are lighter than a balm and more nourishing than a lip gloss, so it gives you the best of both worlds. Put the Little Lip Oil on before the balm to lock in all the nutrients or wear it for a glossy look on its own.

And lastly: The Little Lip Balm itself. Packed with nutrients, once soaked in, it gives you lips back all the fatty acids its lacking, healing them from the inside out.

"I really love the ritual element of the 3 steps," Zoe tells us, "and that it's so transformational on the lips." When we ask her to pick the most essential of the three products in the kit, she ponders. "Lips feel amazing after you get all that dry skin off so maybe it’s the Lip Scrub? Although the lip oil is the best hit of hydration I have ever experienced, so maybe that’s my favourite part? Oh, but the Lip Balm is such a multi-tasker, and works so well on so many
areas of the body, and so many people swear by it for eczema, so perhaps that’s the
best bit?"

The best thing is that with the kit - you don't have to decide. 

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