The ability to travel without any restrictions has been duly missed by many this year, and this couldn't have been felt more so than by travel accessories brand Away. To commemorate the essence and excitement of exploring new places, they've published Chromaticity: How Artists See the World, a colourful depiction of 33 international destinations.

The tome – whose vivid and unique design means it deserves pride of place within your home – includes over 30 different artists' interpretations of the cities they call home. Depicted simply by the one colour they feel represents that place best, which is also accompanied by one of the creatives own pieces of art, Chromaticity is an optical treat that scratches the itch of travelling that we haven't been able to truly satisfy

Locations are picked from every corner of the globe – everywhere from Taipei, Tokyo, Portland, Tel Aviv, Oaxaca, Toronto, and more – including our very own capital city. London-based illustrator Liam Cobb, portrays the big smoke as a Copper Green; the same shade that covers the exterior of Peckham Library, which won the Stirling Prize for Architecture in 2000.

A treasure for those who are nostalgic for exploring, Away's publishing venture has successfully got our wanderlust ascending at Concorde speeds

Shop Chromaticity: How Artists See the World here, or at the Away store at 9 Earlham Street, London, WC2H 9LL.

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