Were you to crown the most elegant member of the animal kingdom, what would it be?

Perhaps you’d take the leopard route – particularly given the seasonally recurring obsession with all things feline (the style set really doesn’t change its spots!). Or, maybe you'd plump for a peacock… After all, the word itself is now synonymous with the Fashion Month circuit, and all those who migrate alongside it.

For Annoushka Ducas – a woman who’s capable of making anything look extraordinary – it was the unlikely beetle that captured her attention and played ‘muse’ of sorts to her Spring ’19 haute bijoux collection.

Fascinated by the symmetry, proportion and symbolism of the insect, Ducas has created a series of mini but highly juicy jewels, depicting the humble bug in richly saturated gemstones from amethyst to topaz, quartz to sapphires and the most delicious of citrines.

Rings, charms and earrings are perfect for someone (read: yours truly), who likes their accessories to be served with as much fun and irreverence as they are with attention to detail. And these dinky darlings boast the latter by the bucket load.

Doubled up as a creepy-crawly couple that climb the ear... It’s certainly a charmed bug’s life!

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