As outerwear trends go, puffer scarves are equal parts absurd and wonderful. They are an insulated sartorial statement of warmth. And if they are endorsed by skiwear masters and general protectors against winter chill, Moncler (and their current swathe of padded scarves suggest it is), then we’re behind it. These are the best of the bunch.

If bigger is better, then these ‘generously quilted’ scarves are the best. Burberry and Pierre-Louis Mascia have crafted what are essentially (excellent) blankets. Whilst Rick Owen’s and Mm6 Maison Margiela’s more restrained colourways belie their puffed opulence. Moncler’s delicious raspberry pink one has pockets so even if you forget your gloves your fingers won’t feel the chill. Although they might be made of ultra-light polyester, these scarves are heavy weights against even the most inhospitable of winter weathers.

Etro’s puffer scarf might be more restrained in size, but it’s red paisley print is anything but. Roksanda and Dries Van Noten have both gone for cheering winter-defying florals. And Moncler’s colour-clashing pink and red scarf and Burberry’s bright orange one rage against winter-time dullness.

These triangular shaped scarves manage to be both futuristic and a bit Lark Rise to Candleford. I like it. Cos, champion of minimalist well-crafted style, have created an understated navy number. It has a discreet loop of fabric to allow you to wear it with ease, rest assured that it won’t slip from your shoulders into a snowy tundra. Lowe’s dark green scarf is similarly simple, whilst Gucci have gone for a full-on floral celebration.

For a more subdued aesthetic these monochrome scarves are perfect. Isabel Marant’s quilted Bremon scarf is sleek and elegant and Moncler’s black padded scarf is a classic. Dries Van Noten has spun modern twist on classic herringbone wool with his. Whilst Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino have opted for a bit of branding to wear wrapped around you as a protective barrier from the icy temperatures. Brrr.

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