Plato first said that necessity is the mother of invention, and he wasn't wrong. Now in our seventh week of working from home, the Because team have been discussing the things that keep us sane and optimistic in these uncertain days. As a platform for sharing the things you should care about, we've wondered how we do that in a light-hearted way.

We all agree that what keeps us happy, makes us cheerful and fosters our dreams is in fact the act of celebrating desirable things made by creative people – objects we could happily treasure – and sharing the manifestations of ideas that become reality.

So as we are taking care in our homes, we bring you our newest feature, Fantasy Wardrobes, shot at home and, with a little digital magic, layered with some of our favourite pieces we've found online. So with a bit of invention and a lot of necessity, we hope to show that the online world is our oyster and do Plato proud.

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor
I've not been shy about my fitness endeavours during lockdown, and while it's been an interesting experience, I'm ready to return to the civilised setting of a fitness studio. While that's still a fantasy, my outfit choices are as down to earth (in design and a literal sense) as they can be. As someone who favours a classic two piece over anything extravagant for the gym – think Yoga with Adrienne rather than an Eric Prydz music video – I'll be donning this COS crop top and leggings in my imaginary workouts. Made with a recycled nylon mix, it's good to know that bettering my body won't come at the cost of worsening our planet.  

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-Ordinator
My friends will testify that I'm one of the most stubborn fitness buddies (if I can even be called that) ever. My motivation ranges from "I'll do it tomorrow" to "I'm working out everyday to have abs for the summer" – I'm currently in the former mode. To my own surprise, a national lockdown and online classes just isn't cutting it, probably because it doesn't give me something to look forward to. A brand new set of activewear, however, does. Hands down, if this cropped top and leggings set from Paco Rabanne came through my door tomorrow, I'd have my yoga mat at the ready.

Delia Wagner, Publishing Assistant
Hands down my favourite new obsession is matching print yoga clothes. Now I know it seems daunting, but hear me out. I very much used to belong to the black-on-black-only workout clothes crew. Nothing too flashy, whatever can be worn under a big coat disguised as 'real' trousers for those unwanted run-ins on your way home from the studio (note: somehow these acquaintances are never the people you want to see in that moment). But if this period of being locked down and only seen by your flatmates and cat has taught me anything, it's to have more fun with fashion again. So for anyone feeling a little bit blue and finding it hard to get motivated to move when no one is watching, I highly recommend spicing up your workout wardrobe with something fun- just for yourself. Such as this wild leopard print Varley crop and leggings set. And I can guarantee that come freedom, I'll be happily flaunting these around town, because life really is too short not to.

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