Dubbed “Blue Monday by way of an unofficial – yet far from inaccurate – formula (that is: Weather, plus debt, minus time-since-Christmas, plus failing on New Year’s resolutions, plus low motivation, plus the need to take action), the universally renowned ‘most depressing day of the year’ is back with a vengeance...

The good news is that, by its very nature, Blue Monday makes for a fantastic excuse to indulge heavily in a triple threat of Rest, Relaxation and Recuperation. In other words: Use this time to honour your body and thank it for carrying you through January thus far

A bath and body ritual – abundant in essential oils and soothing scents to calm, de-stress and centre your spirit – makes for a wonderful place to start.
 To set the scene and bring you into a tranquil stateIncausa’s Bath & Meditate Set leads the way, comprised of small batch aged-essential oil vegan soap, handmade brew resin incense blends, palo santo hand-pressed bars, plus a high resin palo santo wood stick. 

Then, as you soak away, treat yourself to Plant Apothecary’s 95%-organic body wash – aptly named Get Happy, to uplift your mood with the scents of organic geranium and peppermint oil – before also adding Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mins Bath and Shower Oil into the mix, to introduce the delicious scents of frankincense, rosemary and chamomile, while improving cellular health, digestion and circulation. 

Upon hopping out, continue to harness those feelings of deep relaxation, and slather on Aum Aromatherapy’s eco-friendly Meditate Body Oil that’s loaded with lavender, rosewood, grape and patchouli, to calm and rejuvenate. Finally, spritz a quick mist of Therapie Roques O’Neil’s highly charged Restore Aura Spray – infused with essential oils, crystals and Reiki – to cleanse and protect your energy field against all things ‘Blue Monday’.

Put the triple threat of Rest, Relaxation and Recuperation into action:

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