Touted as the beauty and wellness trend of 2019, CBD is already making its presence felt – just one week into the year... But, what is it?

Back in October, catching wind of a trend in the making, we unpicked the story behind this bio-active and non-psychoactive derivate of marijuana – from its ability to combat inflammation and balance the skin’s sebum to its anxiety and stress-soothing benefits when taken orally.

Now, arriving as a two-in-one adaptogenic, prebiotic, 100% natural skincare product – sourced sustainably from the southern Rocky Mountains in Colorado – DISCIPLE has released its debut CBD oil, promising to balance hormones, solve insomnia and alleviate pain, anxiety and mediate one’s body temperature. 

Combining the power of cannabinoids with hemp seed oil, which is brilliant for eczema, dryness and itching – and is easily permitted through the hypodermis – psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson of DISCIPLE has created an 
adaptogen-rich formula, which can’t be faulted. The Miracle Oil marks the brand’s first foray into harnessing a mind-body approach (providing equal care, both inside and out) as it joins a small-scale, raw, botanical range that currently boasts a balancing mist, cleanser, retinyl treatment oil and face oil. 

Our advice? Begin with the 1% iteration to introduce the benefits into your routine gradually – either by way of a single drop in coffee or under the tongue, or added into your beauty regime alongside moisturiser after cleansing. Then, in due course, move onto the 2.5% and 5% bottles, using once or twice a day with no more than 20 drops in 24 hours.

It's time to start believing in miracles!

Bid adieu to stress, and welcome in serenity and super-charged skincare! Shop Disciple here:

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