What? A creamy waterline and inner-corner eyeliner, complete with a glimmering powder, to illuminate your peepers.

Why? In peach, white and chamois hues, red eyes are rectified in an instant.

Iridescent eyes are in – and you can join the party with a single sweep.

Introducing the Inner Light Baton Eyeliner by Surratt. Utilising pearlised pigmentation in its Perle, Effervescence and Mousseux iterations, it’s time to bid adieu to all signs of redness and to put purple undertones into the past. These dual-ended sticks sport a cream pencil liner and sponge applicator combo, which packs on metallic powder for a reflective effect.

You can forget teeth whitener – your eyes are the new pearly whites with the Perle shade variant, which creates the illusion of bigger eyes with its silvery tones. Elsewhere, to disguise fatigue-induced blue shades and restore a natural colour along the waterline with peach and rose gold tones, Effervescence stick will be for you. While for deeper tones, Mousseux is your go-to: Its champagne sparkle pigment steps in to combat the after-effects of actual champagne!

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