“My favourite garment is the one I invent for a life that does not yet exist, the world of tomorrow.”

Pierre Cardin was not a man to dwell on the past; he was fashion’s perpetual futurist, a constant visionary. For us on the other hand, taking the time to reflect on his unique career and drink it all in has myriad benefits – and Assouline's spanking new coffee table book allows us to do just that. 

Penned by Jean-Pascal Hesse, Cardin's long-time collaborator, Pierre Cardin is bursting with vivid images of the designer's life and work – and yet, this ain’t no album of pretty pictures! Hesse covers the full breadth of Cardin’s career and character, from his extraordinary Haute Couture to his business acumen, which enabled him to make his brand a success in 110 countries around the world.

Image courtesy of Assouline.

Cardin is rightly famed for his futuristic creations. In 1954, he introduced the notorious ‘bubble dress’ designs; flash-forward to 1967, and his Cosmocorps collection included Perspex helmets and the, now iconic, heat-moulded geometric shift dress. With his daringly voluminous cuts, Cardin addressed the female form in ways that liberated both the design and the wearer. 

Lesser known perhaps, is that Cardin was also fundamental in building a relationship between the Japanese and European fashion industries – a move that paved the way for today’s heavyweights. His efforts resulted in him being the first Haute Couture designer to turn his name into a megabrand, becoming a harbinger of what was to follow decades later.

Cataloguing images from the fifties up until today, Pierre Cardin provides a unique capturing of the designer’s fascinating and varied career – one that will undoubtedly be remembered in the world of tomorrow. 

Immerse yourself in the mind of a visionary: click here to shop Pierre Cardin from Assouline. All images courtesy of Assouline.

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