Scratching the surface of technology’s rapid evolution can be both exhilarating and daunting in equal measure.

Amongst the leading tech companies pioneering advancements in artificial intelligence, mixed and augmented reality and 3D generation is Microsoft, which – in partnership with the next generation of fashion heavyweights from London College of Fashion – is now bringing a vision of the industry’s future to life.

Over a term-long co-curriculum, 30 students from the university’s business, media and design programmes embarked on a journey with industry ambassadors to create products that fuse the worlds of fashion and technology. Answering the question, ‘If you had to transform the fashion industry, what would you do?’, the resulting projects innovated concepts that could potentially revolutionise the we shop, get dressed and what we know about our garments.

This is our shortlist of the concepts that we can’t wait to see IRL.

Hololux… A mixed-reality virtual marketplace that invites you to lose yourself in an immersive luxury experience, by simply popping on a headset. At your leisure, you can browse and shop 3D products (there’s a checkout facility built into the experience) – and you can even partner up with a friend via synced-up software!

Designed by Data… A smart tagging service for brands and consumers who want to track a garment’s lifecycle. By embedding a microchip into your clothing, you’re able to access a comprehensive overview of the materials, the sustainability value and the transparency of the supply chain, with an end goal of creating a new system for textile recycling.

Janet… An artificial intelligence stylist, Janet is a personalised app that knows your tastes, what’s in your wardrobe and what your recent purchases are. It’s constantly on the pulse with what’s relevant and trending on social media, so you can always rely on it for feedback on your outfit choices – plus, simply by looking at your wardrobe, it can suggest what pieces you might like to buy.

Welcome to the space-age!