Last week, Mimi Xu nominated Polly Morgan as her #WomanCrushWednesday. This week, Polly Morgan nominates Leena Similu…

WHO // Leena Similu

CAREER // Founder of Les Chiffoniers, former Vice President of Equipment, creator of Yaya Situation and brains behind The Chronicles of LA.

"Hanging on to mama #koala" @cosmo.cassius

WHY // Having designed for Stella McCartney and Jil Sander after graduation, Leena went on to set up cult label Les Chiffoniers, where she basically invented the 'PVC leggings with zips' trend of the noughties. Never one to stagnate, she moved to LA in 2014 to be Vice President at Equipment.

"Wheel thrown and hand built Jamaica clay" @yayasituation

She then chose to take a hiatus from fashion, during which time she established Yaya Situation – a witty collection of pots and vessels inspired by her West African heritage (and stocked in Lane Crawford) – had her son Cosmo, and within months of his birth had put on the first of a series of 'immersive pop-up' experiences, The Chronicles of LA, blending art, fashion and design in a unique retail experience.

"Jada, porcelain with gold" @yayasituation

I nominate Leena as my crush, because she's stylish, smart and hard as nails, with a formidable work ethic. Mostly though, it’s because she is a talented mimic and wit – and could definitely have had a parallel life as a comedian!

Follow Leena Similu on Instagram at @yayasituation and @thechroniclesofla and check back this time next week, where Leena will be nominating her own #WCW...

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