Ayurvedic medicine teaches that each and everyone of us has their own physical and emotional blueprint or ‘dosha’, which can be used as a guide to prevent imbalances that could potentially lead to illness; there are three of these, and each is made from a combination of the elements. Air/ether is Vata, fire/water is Pitta and water/earth is Kapha. 

When thrown out of balance, Vata is the dosha that shows signs of interrupted sleep and restlessness, encouraging that relentless ‘go,go,go’ mentality, which can lead to a burnout and a lack of energy. In other words, the majority of us in this big, manic melting pot!

Enter Mauli Rituals, who – following the principles of Ayurveda – has designed a range with all three doshas in mind to help us become more balanced. It’s certainly not the easiest feat living the lives that we do. By using natural ingredients that offer a myriad of benefits in themselves, the brand focuses on helping us to really take time for ourselves and, through the ritual of ‘self care’, create an opportunity to pause for sacred breathing space in an overly-stimulated world.

Potent potions contain high-quality ingredients that are organic wherever possible, blended by experts to create a distilled synergy of effective-yet-subtle, beautifully unique products. We’re taking a look at a trio designed specifically for the Vatas amongst us, to encourage us all to keep calm and carry on…

Not only does the Surrender Infusion Tea smell like a dream, it actually encourages the clarity and calm that’s needed for a restful sleep. The reusable steel vessel (a win for your sustainably minded soul) houses a peachy, melon-scented concoction of pai mu tan (white tea), which climbs out and immediately soothes the senses; petals of rose, cornflower, marigold and jasmine decorate the blend, and their subtle bouquet adds to the formula to create a highly unique flavour and scent profile. All of the above work alongside the detoxifying properties of sencha and gunpowder green tea to help release emotional and physical toxins, and create a state of calm and clarity.

For us, the Brain & Beauty Alchemy is, well, a no brainer. The Vata-pacifying blend combines an ayurvedic triphala concoction to promote healthy digestion, along with tulsi, brahmi, cinnamon and fennel to rejuvenate and detoxify. This adaptogenic powder can be added to hot drinks, cereals and smoothies to lend them a sweet and nutty flavour, whilst giving an uplifting sense of alertness and warmth as well as encouraging a calmer, deeper sleep. Plus, YUM!

We would happily surrender to anything that smells as good as the Surrender Vata Body Oil. If a sunset had a smell, this would be it, (which is also a cute little analogy for the ritual that’s involved in using this body-nourishing beauty). Think of yourself as the sun… You’ve had a long day and are winding down before clocking off for the night. This oil, with its scent combined from ingredients like orange peel, ylang ylang and chamomile just to name a few, is the perfect aid to shift us into stillness and encourage deeper rest. Upon application, calming camomile relaxes nervous tension in the body, sandalwood calms the mind, and frankincense reduces overall stress. 

Aaaaaaand relaaaaaaax!

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