For this weeks #WomanCrushWednesday, Caroline Issa restarts the rally and puts forward her leading lady nomination...

WHO // Anoushka Shankar

CAREER // Musician

"Los Angeles! I’m playing for you in just under an hour. (Just smelled the most amazing mock orange. How much do you love Spring?)#UCLA#livemusic#roycehall" @anoushkashankarofficial

WHY //Anoushka Shankar is my nomination this week because of her inspiring talent, her ability to make the sweetest, most soulful music with her hands, and her grounded loveliness.

"Happy 99th birthday Bapi. It’s over six years since you passed away and I’m running out of words to express myself to you with as the years go by. However, the gratitude for who you were and what you shared with me- with us all- only increases with every day. I feel you in my heart. Happy birthday." @anoushkashankarofficial

I am crushing on Anoushka, this Wednesday and every Wednesday, because she has the gift of music and transporting us all to a blissful, melancholic, optimistic world. Having learnt music from her father - the iconic Ravi Shankar - what she can make a Sitar do boggles the mind

"Daily shows at the moment. We play the Sunset Center in Carmel-by-the-Sea at 8pm tonight!#livemusic@anoushkashankarofficial

My #WCW is currently on tour, and a recent picture of her fingers, worn in with the grooves of the strings of her instrument inspires me to keep working hard, to enjoy every moment and I look forward to hearing her live, in London soon!

Give Anoushka a follow over on @anoushkashankarofficial and watch this space for next week’s #WCW spotlight...

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