What… A limited edition makeup collaboration between Estée Lauder and Nigerian-born British designer, Duro Olowu.

Why… Because this artful six-piece collection delivers both beauty and style kudos.

'Dramatic' and 'daring' are two adjectives those in the fashion know might use while talking about designer, Duro Olowu. With a love for art that runs deep, explosive colour combinations and textile innovation is part and parcel with designer; a sea of bright yellow and pink polka dots and geometric patters are among the designs to have come out of recent seasons.

It's those words we're now using to describe a new limited-edition makeup collaboration between the designer and beauty juggernaut, Estée Lauder. Perhaps a seemingly unusual pairing, both Olowu and Estée Lauder do in fact share the same ethos: of celebrating freedom of expression, individuality and female beauty. And this collection is an extension of just that sentiment – blending Duro's quintessentially bold printed style with Lauder’s classic flare.

Housed in playful packaging, all the essentials are covered. A light eyeshadow palette comprised of pinks and burgundies lends itself perfectly to everyday wear, while the dark palette (comprised of deep blues and copper shades) steps forward to make a bold statement. Meanwhile, there are two eye pencils – a black and a burgundy – and two lipsticks; one of them is the pre-existing and universally-flattering soft pink ‘Rebellious Rose’, and the other is a new bold shade of red dubbed ‘Carnal’.

A limited-edition collection, it will be sold (rather fittingly) exclusively in-store at Harvey Nichols. That being said, as it is a limited collection, it inherently means that it will be available for a, well, limited time only – so we’ll be seeing you in the queue!

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